Photographing a Luxury Hotel is not just a simple click...


The camera is an instrument that captures reality, anything that lies in front of it.

Hence if we require a perfect image, the setting in front of the camera has to be perfect.


We go to passionate lengths to get the setting right, and this takes time. Larger or public areas that are dynamic take more time to get everything in place and as desired. Everything has to be in order, symmetry and distances have to be maintained, locations clean and tidy. Anything awry would stick out like a sore thumb in the image. Since we are eventually responsible to deliver a perfect image, the onus falls on us (the photographer and his team) to get the setting just right for photography. The hotel team contributes a great deal towards the preparation for the right click!


Another important aspect of our photography is to capture the setting at the right moment. Since we do architecture photography predominantly in ambient light conditions a lot is dependent on existing conditions. The time of the day for the shot depends on the setting to be shot and the mood that would like to be reflected in the setting. Often the time window is brief (less than 15 minutes for a shot at dusk) and hence only one setting can be captured in that time-of-the-day. This calls for organization and careful scheduling of the photo-shoot.


Photographing a Luxury Hotel is not just a simple click, as some believe it to be. A lot of effort and time goes in to it.


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